What's next?

Your file will be assigned a Lender/Processor team
  • You will receive an auto response confirming the TCF Processing Center has received your submission.
  • After submission, all correspondence should be directed to your Lender/Processor team. Names and contact information are provided within the submission confirmation email.
  • Additional items may be requested prior to underwriting review. Please send requested items to the assigned Lender/Processor team promptly to avoid delays.
  • The requested items must be received before the Lender/Processor team submits the file to the underwriting department.
  • Once all items are received by the Lender/Processor team, the files will be sent to the underwriting department. Review of income and credit will require 48 hours once the file has been received by the underwriting department.
Underwriter income/credit review and approval
  • Lender/Processor team will send you a conditional approval (see example TCF Doc 1013).
  • Items on Loan Approval Form (TCF Doc 1013) required for CTC/final approval, please read carefully.
  • Return conditional approval items at least 72 hours prior to needing documents.
Conditional loan approval requirements
  • Upon Conditional Loan Approval provide items below to Lender/Processor team.
  • Review Conditional Loan Approval form (TCF Doc 1013) for all conditions required for Final/CTC.
  • Provide Homeowners Insurance Policy with TCF listed as second loss payee.
  • You may use the TCF application number, as the loan number.
  • Flood insurance (if required). Follow Flood Insurance Requirements.
  • Contact your Lender/Processor team with questions.
Request closing documents
  • Notify Lender/Processor team of title company information.
  • Notify Lender/Processor team of exact vesting.
  • Notify Lender/Processor team of when docs will be signed.
  • You may use the Document Preparation Request (TCF Doc 847) to notify the Lender/Processor team of these items.