What's next?

  • You will receive an email confirming your web application submission.
  • Your submission will be reviewed for the initial documents (1003, HMDA, Credit, etc.) required to get the process started
    • If any required documents are missing at submission, you will be notified by our opening team.
  • Once verified that the above required documents have been submitted, your submission will be processed and sent to an underwriter for initial income review.
  • You will receive a welcome email with the name and contact information of your assigned TCF Relationship Loan Specialist.
    • If any documents required for a conditional approval are missing, you will be notified by your assigned TCF Relationship Loan Specialist.

Underwriter income/credit review and approval

  • Relationship Loan Specialist will send you a conditional approval (see example TCF Doc 1013).
  • Items on Loan Approval Form (TCF Doc 1013) required for CTC/final approval, please read carefully.
  • Return conditional approval items at least 72 hours prior to needing documents.

Conditional loan approval requirements

  • Review Conditional Loan Approval form (TCF Doc 1013) for all conditions required for Final/CTC.
  • Provide Homeowners Insurance Policy with TCF listed as second loss payee.
  • You may use the TCF application number, as the loan number.
  • Flood insurance (if required). Follow Flood Insurance Requirements.
  • Contact your Relationship Loan Specialist with questions.

For a list of documents that are required, see our documents page.