• When are my payments due?

    Your payment is due on the 15th or 23rd of each month. Your payment due date is specified on your billing statement .

  • How do I order more CommandCredit checks?

    Call TCF Retail Lending at 800-823-5363.

  • I paid off my TCF loan but it is still reporting on my credit. What do I do?

    If your loan was paid off more than 60 days ago, please call us at 1-800-823-5363. If your loan was paid off within the last 60 days, the satisfaction document is in process and an update has been sent to the three major credit reporting agencies.

  • How do I request a transaction history, billing statement, 1098 or a loan document?

    Documents can be requested by completing and signing this Authorization to Release Loan Information (TCF Doc 1657) and emailing it to TCFLoanServicing@tcfbank.com or by faxing it to 763-337-8695. 


  • How can I take an advance on my line of credit?

    You can advance funds on your line of credit by:

    • Using your CommandCredit Visa card (not permitted in Connecticut, Nebraska, and New York). The maximum advance is $10,000.00 or 5 transactions per day, whichever occurs first.
    • Writing a check to yourself from your line of credit using your Command Line checks.
    • You can call TCF Retail Lending at 800-823-5363 to request funds.
  • I would like to close my line of credit, what do I do?

    Please complete the Authorization to Restrict, Modify or Close a Line of Credit form (TCF Doc 1659). The signed copy can be emailed to TCFLoanServicing@tcfbank.com or faxed to 763-337-8695. County recording fees may apply. You can obtain the amount of county fees by calling TCF Retail Lending at 800-823-5363.

  • How do I change my mailing address?

    Please complete the Authorization to Change Mailing Address form (TCF Doc 1656). The signed copy can be emailed to TCFLoanServicing@tcfbank.com or faxed to 763-337-8695.

  • How do I obtain a verification of mortgage (VOM)?

    Verification of mortgage requests can be faxed to 763-337-8695. Please include 17 digit account number, a return fax number and a signed third-party authorization.

  • How do I request a payoff quote?

    For a written payoff, fax your request to 763-337-8564. Please include the borrower's name(s), TCF’s 17-digit account number, the collateral address, the payoff date, a return fax number and a signed third-party authorization. If the property has been sold, also include the borrower’s new mailing address for efficient refund processing. We will charge a payoff fee unless the request comes from the borrower.

    Borrowers can call TCF Retail Lending at 1-800-823-5363 for a verbal payoff quote.

  • How do I make my payments?

    Payments can be made by enrolling in TCF’s online payment service; click here to access the site. You can make a one-time payment or you can schedule recurring payments from a checking account, a savings account or with your debit card. You can also establish monthly ACH payments. Simply complete the ACH Direct Payment Authorization Form (TCF Doc 1364) and return to TCFLoanServicing@tcfbank.com.

    Payments can be mailed to:
    TCF National Bank
    P.O. Box 1485
    Minneapolis, MN 55480

  • Can I change my HELOC loan due date?

    TCF is unable to change your loan’s due date. Payments can be made on or before your due date using the online loan payment portal.

  • What do I do if I have a property insurance claim?

    If your claim is $15,000.00 or less, please mail your insurance check with TCF’s Certificate of Completion of Repairs (TCF Doc 291) to the address below.

    If your insurance claim is greater than $15,000, TCF requires an insurance checklist or a letter from your first mortgage holder acknowledging their oversight of repairs. Please mail this information and your check to:
    TCF National Bank
    1405 Xenium Lane North
    Plymouth, MN 55441
    Mail Code: PCC-2E-I

  • What are the HELOC credit requirements?

    Minimum FICO score Combined first and second loan amount
    FICO used – primary wage earner mid-score
    See pricing guide

    Combined first and second loan amount total exposure:
    • 730+ mid-score to $2,000,000
    • 700 mid-score to $1,250,000
    • 680 mid-score to $1,250,000 (85% max CLTV)
    • 730+ mid-score to $1,275,000 for 2nd homes (85% max CLTV)
    Minimum trade lines
    Minimum of three trade lines (open or closed) combined between all borrowers, with one trade line originated at least three years prior to the Credit Bureau date.

    Housing payment history
    Letter of Explanation required for derogatory mortgage trade lines

    Use proceeds to pay off debt to qualify?
    Yes. Account not required to be closed.

    Cash for debts subject to three day right of rescission

    • Bankruptcy: No bankruptcy filing within 7 years. All chapters.
    • Foreclosure: 5 years
    • Short sale/settlement: 5 years
    • Deed-in-Lieu: 5 years
    • Collection/Judgment: Must be paid off
    • Tax liens: Must be paid off
    • Disputed amounts: Proof of resolution
  • What is the address for the flood insurance mortgagee clause?

    TCF National Bank ISAOA/ATIMA
    1405 Xenium Lane N
    Plymouth, MN 55441

  • What is the address for the mortgagee clause for HOI?

    TCF National Bank ISAOA/ATIMA
    1405 Xenium Lane N
    Plymouth, MN 55441

  • What are the down payment and asset requirements?

    Minimum borrower contribution None.
    Gift funds Allowed.
    Reserves No reserve requirements.
    Assets Bank statements not required. List all assets on 1003.

  • How does TCF handle rental income?

    Adjusted Rents Received (via 75% of lease or Schedule E/8825 add back technique) – Rental Debts (PITIA) = Rental Income(Loss)

    When using this calculation, all Rental PITIA will be excluded from the DTI scenario, and either a positive $ (rental income) will be added to the income or a negative $ (rental loss) will be added to the DTI scenario.

  • What does it mean to be a compensated Mortgage Broker Company?
    To receive compensation, the Mortgage Broker Company must perform actual and specific loan origination and processing services. These services include, but are not limited to, the following: (a) educating the applicant in the financing process and home buying process (if applicable); (b) educating the applicant regarding TCF’s Command Credit® Plus Home Equity Line of Credit, including information regarding how home equity lines of credit differ from fixed rate mortgage loans; (c) taking an application for a loan; (d) providing complete application files to TCF; (e) obtaining a tri-merge credit report, if required by TCF, and providing it to TCF if applicable; (f) confirming whether each mortgage loan application meets the terms, conditions and requirements established by TCF, including but not limited to, debt-to-income requirements and loan-to-value requirements; (g) assisting applicants in understanding and clearing credit problems; (h) providing applicants with disclosures Broker is required by federal, state or local laws or regulations to provide to applicants; (i) providing applicants with additional disclosures as TCF may from time to time require; (j) providing TCF with loan underwriting information as required by TCF, such as verifications of employment, verifications of mortgage, verifications of deposit, tax returns, and income and asset documentation; (k) obtaining any additional information required by TCF in order to consider the mortgage loan application and/or facilitate the closing of the mortgage loan; (l) providing TCF with property appraisals and title commitments, if required by TCF; (m) keeping applicants informed of the status of their loan application; (n) coordinating the loan closing with TCF; and (o) performing other services as are customary in the industry to be performed by mortgage loan brokers.
  • May a Mortgage Broker Company or Mortgage Loan Originator receive compensation from a borrower?
    A Mortgage Broker Company may receive compensation for performing origination and processing services only from TCF. The Mortgage Broker Company may not receive compensation from any Borrower or any other party even if the Mortgage Broker Company has not received any compensation from TCF.
  • When will the Mortgage Broker Company receive the compensation check?
    The Mortgage Broker Company will receive compensation for services provided within 60 days following the Funding Date.

    Compensation is processed around the 20th of the following month, after the loan funds.

    Example: A loan closed on October 2nd will be processed around November 20th. The Compensation check will arrive no later than December 2nd.
  • What if my company has not elected to receive compensation?
    TCF will not compensate companies who have elected not to receive compensation.
  • Is compensation based on volume or disbursement ?
    Compensation is based on the HELOC credit limit, not the disbursement amount.
  • How do I know if my company is compensated?
    Visit our website at https://tcfbank.com/brokerloans. Go to ‘Loan Submission’.  Select number 2 Loan submission forms list. Enter your company’s NMLS number and select go.
  • How is the compensation paid?
    Compensation is paid to the Mortgage Broker Company address of record or as provided to TCF by the Mortgage Broker Company. Please contact your company representative for details on your process.
  • What if the Mortgage Broker Company has moved or changed address?

    Please send a new IRS Form W-9.

    For direct deposit please complete the Authorization Agreement for Automatic Credits (ACH) form.

    For checks:
    • Checks made payable to:
      Address where checks should be mailed:

    Send changes to RLUCorporate@tcfbank.com.

    *Please make sure that your company’s legal address has been updated in the NMLS and Comergence.

  • What can I expect when my company has signed up for Automatic Credits (ACH) for broker compensation?
    Once a new IRS Form W-9 and the Authorization Agreement for Automatic Credits (ACH) form has been completed and submitted to RLUCorporate@tcfbank.com you can expect the following:
    • A penny will be deposited to the account as a test of the automated deposit
    • The designated individual identified on the form will receive an email notification when deposits are made to the account
    • An itemized detailed invoice will be mailed via USPS to the designated address a few days following the deposit
  • What is the age of document requirements?

    TCF VOE 15 days.
    Credit docs 120 days.
    Income docs 90 days.
    Appraisal 120 days.

  • Does TCF allow non-taxable income to be grossed up?
    Non-taxable income: child support, foster care, public and housing assistance, adoption assistance, veteran and military disability and some social security and railroad retirement income will be grossed up by 25%.
  • What are the collateral requirements?

    Property type Owner occupied primary residences and second homes
    Properties allowed Single family residences, PUDs, condos, townhomes, one-two units
    Properties NOT allowed 3+ units, leasehold, dome, earth bermed, co-ops, ag zoned, rentals, investment, vacant land, manufactured homes, condotels
    Appraisal Full appraisal. No drive-bys. No AVMs. Appraisal review can take 5 business days
    Age of appraisal 120 days old at submission, less than 150 days old at closing
    Re-certification of value Not allowed
    Holdbacks/escrow Case-by-case 
    Zoning legal non-conforming Yes
    Minimum sq. ft. None
    Acreage Maximum 10 acres
    Rural properties Yes
    Condos Can not be non-warrantable. No minimum occupancy percentage requirement.
    Properties listed for sale Off the market, removed from MLS

  • How is the amount of compensation determined?

    The amount of compensation will be determined by TCF from time to time upon notice to the Mortgage Broker Company. Currently, TCF will pay the Mortgage Broker Company a fee for services provided on a loan based on the HELOC type:

    • Piggyback[?] and Piggyback Delayed HELOC[?]
      • .5% of the loan amount, but no less than $250 or more than $750.
    • Stand Alone HELOC[?]
      • 1% of the loan amount, but no less than $750 or more than $1,500.
  • Does TCF Bank allow 1st lien HELOC loans and which states are they allowed in?

    1st Lien HELOCs: 60% LTV maximum for primary residence and 50% LTV for a secondary residence.

    Only available in the following states: AZ, CO, IL, MI, MN, SD, WI, CA, FL, OR, WA.

  • How does my company elect to receive compensation?

    Any Mortgage Broker Company that is not currently receiving compensation, and would like to change their status, should provide written notification that Broker Company would like to change their status from non-compensated to compensated (Notification must come from an authorized person at Broker Company.)

    Please send a new IRS Form W-9.

    For direct deposit please complete the Authorization Agreement for Automatic Credits (ACH) form.

    For checks:
    • Checks made payable to:
      Address where checks should be mailed:

    Send changes to RLUCorporate@tcfbank.com.

    *Please make sure that your company’s legal address has been updated in the NMLS and Comergence.

  • What are the product and borrower eligibility requirements?
    Line amount:
    Primary Residence (owner occupied)
    Line Amounts:
    • $5,000 to $350,000 with maximum CLTV of 89.99%
    • >$350,000 - $500,000 with maximum CLTV of 85%
    Second Homes (owner occupied)
    Line Amounts:
    • $5,000 to $250,000 with maximum CLTV of 85%

    Broker 1st mortgage product type: TCF does not allow HELOCs behind the following 1st mortgage types: interest only, negative amortization (balloon notes), reverse mortgage, payment option ARM
    R/T Refinancing Seasoning: None
    Cash-out seasoning: None
    Maximum number of investment properties financed or free & clear: Six
    Permanent resident: Yes, with verification
    Non-permanent resident: Yes, with verification
    Non-occupant co-borrower: Yes - All borrowers must be in title. Only one borrower must occupy.
    Revocable trust: Allowed
    Multiple HELOC's per borrower: TCF allows each customer to have an open TCF HELOC for one owner-occupied primary residence and one owner-occupied second residence

  • What are the income and employment requirements?

    Maximum DTI 45% back end.*

    Income Documentation

    • Standard Wages: Most recent pay stub (plus W-2 if varying pay).
    • Seasonal or Tips: 2 years verification.
    • Other & Self-Employed W-2 Sources: Previous year and YTD check stub.
    • Self-Employed: 2 Years taxes unless DU/LP findings require only 1 year. Does not apply to W-2 income. Business loss will be subtracted from income. Ordinary Business Income allowed for 25% ownership or greater. If joint application, will allow combined ownership to be 25% or greater for the applicants.

    Employment Gap 30 days requires LOE.

    Qualifying Rate ARM Use qualifying payment from 1008 or DU. Provide documentation. Typically 2% above the start rate.

    Qualifying Payment TCF HELOC Use start rate based on CLTV. Amortize TCF Bank HELOC line amount for 30 year term to determine PI payment PLUS add the shock payment (HELOC line amount x .0018).

    Student Loans/Deferred Monthly payments must be included in debt ratios 1% of balance, if deferred or if no payment listed on credit report.

    Installment Loans May be excluded from DTI with less than or equal to 6 months remaining.

    401K Loans Excluded from DTI when 401K loan balance is less than total 401K vested asset amount. 401K statements are required.

    Co-Signed Loans Omitted from DTI if no delinquency in 24 months.

    Co-Borrower Loans Omitted from DTI if: 1) individual making the payments is contractually obligated. 2) 12 months proof of payment. and 3) no delinquency in 12 months.

    30 Day Revolving Accounts (no payment showing) Calculate a payment using 4% of the balance.

    Local Taxes and Assessments Info provided on the Title Commitment.

    Departing Residence Payment omitted with fully executed PA/contract and transfer of possession within 60 days of loan funding.

    20% Rule 20% rule for declining income applies to a self-employed and variable income (bonus, commission, etc.). TCF will average income over two periods. However, if current period is declining by more than 20%, TCF will use the lower income.

    *If <720 FICO and the Trimerge shows 5 or more credit inquiries in the past six months please contact your Business Development Manager or the TCF Contact Center to further discuss credit requirements.

  • What is the new process for receiving compensation?
    • Mortgage Broker Companies will no longer be responsible for obtaining the flood certification.
    • Instead, compensated Mortgage Broker Companies will be responsible for providing the Homeownership Counseling Disclosure to the applicant.
    • A completed TCF Notice of Authorization (Form 765) and a copy of the Homeownership Counseling Disclosure provided to the applicant will be due to TCF at the time of submission.
  • How do I order the Homeownership Counseling Disclosure?

    Homeownership Counseling Disclosure can be obtained by going to URL: nhttps://www.consumerfinance.gov/find-a-housing-counselor/.

    Once at the ‘Find a housing counselor’ page, enter the subject property zip code. Then scroll down to just below the map and click the hyperlink labeled ‘Print List.’

  • How do I order a Flood Certification?

    You are NOT required to order the Flood Certification. If you’re being compensated, you are required to provide the borrower with a Homeownership Counseling Disclosure, which can be ordered at https://www.consumerfinance.gov/find-a-housing-counselor/