HELOC Loan Submission

Our loan submission documentation can be downloaded and submitted online. Here’s what you need and whom to contact if you have questions.

Select Location of Loan Originator

    Thank you for your loan submission to TCF.
    We have received your file and will begin processing it shortly. The following documents are required to move your submission forward.
    • 1st Mortgage 1003
    • HMDA addendum to the 1003
    • Tri-merge credit report
    • TCF Submission form (TCF form 717) included in the Piggyback Submission Packet (TCF Doc 1905)
    • TCF Notice and Authorization (TCF Form 765) included in the Piggyback Submission Packet (TCF Doc 1905)
    • Homeownership Counseling list. The list can be accessed by using the following link: https://www.consumerfinance.gov/find-a-housing-counselor/
    Your file will be submitted to underwriting within 24 hours after receiving all required submission documentation, and we will send you a follow-up email to confirm it was sent.